Dear Awkward Black Girl (and all other women of color),

Dear Awkward Black Girl (and all other women of color),

I see you.

I see how you think people don’t notice you.

I see how you fade into the background begging to be noticed.

I see how you feel different from others.

Ostracized for being a little bit different.

For liking that genre of music.

For putting on those clothes.

For having those beliefs.

I see you.

A starlight that shines so bright when close but when far away people can’t see it.

You are hidden by the city lights.

You are forgotten by those who don’t take beauty in the night.

You are disregarded by those who may prefer the moon because it’s the biggest brightest light of them all.

But you see, what stars die they create black holes were time and matter become infinite and where gravity bends light.

So you are by default an endless being.

And I see you.

Know you are not alone.

You are on a journey of awakening.

And you will discover your own power.