Book Review – The Beginner’s Guide to Starseeds

The Beginner’s Guide to Starseeds: Understanding Star People and Finding Your Own Origins in the Stars by Whitney Jefferson Evans

For those who do not know what Starseeds are, the quick summary is this:

Starseeds are people who are actually reincarnations of other sentient and intelligent life from different planets and star systems. Or as we better know them, aliens.

Why are Starseeds here? Starseeds choose to be reincarnated into human beings and live a life out on Earth in order to help Earth and raise Earth’s vibrations.

For the most part, Starseeds are unaware of their origins until they have an awakening, and even then, they may be unaware of what Star Family they’re from. Most people find theirs through either just finding one that feels right to them based on the description, or they choose to get their birth chart read in which someone can tell them what Star Family they belong to (sometimes it may be multiple).

After learning about the concept of Starseeds, I picked up this book to learn more. It was a quick and easy read and broke down what Starseeds were, and their traits and they gave you information on the common Starseeds families. There were also a couple of quizzes in there to help you see if you are a Starseed, and which family you align with.

I would say that if you are curious and open to learning about Starseeds, please pick up this book.

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